How to Find a Sugar Daddy That Doesn't Want to Meet?

cyber sugar babyIf you want to find a sugar daddy, you may have asked yourself this common question: can I just be a cyber sugar baby? is it possible to meet a sugar daddy… who doesn’t actually want to meet? However, sugar daddy dating is typically rooted in physical meet-ups, but not everyone interested in a sugar daddy meet situation wants to have an in-person relationship. But is it possible to find a sugar daddy who doesn’t want to meet? Read on to find out the answer to this common and intriguing question.

Is it possible to meet a sugar daddy—who doesn’t actually want to meet?

The short answer to this question is: yes, it is technically possible to find a sugar daddy who doesn’t want to meet up in person and who is content to keep your relationship from turning into one where you actually meet up in person. The longer answer is that while it is possible, it is not exactly easy to find a sugar daddy that is willing to be a sugar daddy without actually meeting up in person. After all, the ability to meet up, go out on dates, attend events together and otherwise interact in person is a large part of the attraction for men interested in sugar daddy meet dating.

As an online or cyber sugar baby, you may get less money than those sugar babies who prefer to meet their sugar daddies in real life, but you can actually get what you want. An anonymous Sugar baby from Sugar Daddy Meet says she makes at least $50-100 a day by becoming a cyber SB and has made around $3,000 in the last month! She is satisfied with the allowance from her sugar daddy.

Tips to find a sugar daddy who doesn’t want to meet up

Definitely, it is not easy to meet a sugar daddy who doesn’t want to meet up in person, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible! Let’s take a closer look at some essential tips to keep in mind when you want to find a sugar daddy who isn’t interested in meeting up in person.

1. Take advantage of sugar daddy websites and apps

When it comes to sugar daddy dating, sugar daddy websites and apps are always the best way to find a match. SugarDaddyMeet is such a site dedicated to providing a secure and efficient online platform for sugar daters to help them find meaningful connections and relationships. Not only do sugar daddy websites allow you to avoid wasting time trying your luck at bars, clubs, etc., but they also eliminate the embarrassment of meeting in person at such type of date.

2. Be clear about your intentions from the start

If you are not interested in meeting a sugar daddy in person, you need to be clear about your position from the get-go. Include this information on your profile if you are using a sugar daddy website or app, and make your expectations and intentions clear in your early interactions with any potential sugar daddy relationship match.

3. Use different types of apps and social media

If you want to find a sugar daddy who will be content to keep your dating relationship “online only,” you can increase the chances of finding someone who is okay with this dynamic by utilizing different types of apps and social media that allow you to interact from a distance. These apps can include video chats, photos, etc., that will make your relationship more dynamic than simply texting or sending messages through an app.

4. Be clear about what you can provide for your sugar daddy

You should figure out the expectations and intentions of both parties, what you can bring to Sugar Daddy, and whether he likes the allowance you provide. As an online sugar baby, you can provide a lot of content, such as messaging, video chat, photo packs, one-on-one exclusive content, etc. Make sure you have prepared sample pictures and videos to show off yourself.

5. Temper your expectations

It’s important to know that while you can find a sugar daddy who doesn’t want to meet up, these types of relationships are not as common as “regular” sugar daddy dating relationships, so keep your expectations in check.


Keep in mind that being an online sugar baby takes a lot of time and work, and you may need to process hundreds of messages and contact lots of potential sugar daddies. The good news is that by building your contacts and network, adding eye-catching photos and customized content to your profile, you can reach your goals much faster. Remember to follow these essential tips above when trying to find a sugar daddy who doesn’t want to meet up.

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